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Impossible Puzzle Game

Impossible Puzzle Game
Diced is a puzzle game where you control a dice blocks and attempt to make matches. This means putting together 2 dices with the face 2 up, 3 dices with the face 3 and so on. When this happens, you either get points or time, which are fundamental for the game. The Free edition of Diced includes an unlocked Timed Survival mode as well as a Practice Mode. It can also unlock Random Puzzle Mode and the 2 Minute Challenge (more on those later) without any in-app purchase. The Full edition comes with 15 game modes to choose from, with 7 being unlocked from start and the remainder coming from gameplay achievements.

Game Modes:
Timed Survival: The player starts with 60 seconds. Making matches gives more time. The objective is to survive for as long as possible.
Limited Modes: The player starts with a certain amount of moves. Making matches gives more modes and adds to the score. The objective is to achieve the highest score possible. This mode can be played at a slower pace since there are no time constraints.
Puzzle Mode: 30 pre-made puzzles where the player needs to clear the dices in a restrictive set of moves.
Random Puzzle Mode: Having a restrictive amount of moves, the player needs to clear the dices. The objective is to complete as many rounds as possible.
2 Minute Challenge: The player is given 2 minutes to achieve the best score possible.
Practice: The player has unlimited time and moves to practice.
Versus: Playing on the same device, action gets chaotic as the players are given 2 minutes to get the best possible score.
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Pricing and Availability: Diced will be available on April 15th 2015, with a Free and Full Versions. The Full Version is being launched for $1.99 (may change depending on the country and version). It will be available for Android (Google Play Store and Amazon App Store), iOS (Apple’s App Store) and Windows Phone (Windows Phone Store).

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Centro Comercial Hayuelos Segundo Piso
Calle 20 # 82 - 52
Bogotá, Colombia
Teléfono: (57+1) 4 14 87 27

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